WORKSPACE DIY: In my cubicle

Painted tray for desk

I saw a cartoon recently that said something to the effect of “How can you expect me to think outside the box if I have to work inside a box?”  Quote source unknown, I can’t find the original cartoon….Whoever you are, you … Continue reading

NO PINK SAND HERE: Our beach-ified guest room

Guest Bedroom Beach Makeover

I did it!  I finished a project!  The Pink is gone and the Beach is making an appearance in our house.  I’ve finally painted the guest room (Sand Beach, Sherwin Williams) and while it isn’t my best paint job ever, at … Continue reading

MY FOUR DOLLAR FIND: The little filing cabinet

Desk and window tween room

Ok, so maybe it was $4.50 but still – you get the idea.  I found this at a thrift shop during the planning stages of the Littlest One’s Tween Bedroom Makeover.  She wanted a locker but I couldn’t find an … Continue reading

WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? Storage for my sister

Personalized stylist bin

If there’s one person I know who can adapt to other people’s styles and figure out what works for them – it’s my sister.  She’s an extremely talented stylist and also a theater costume professional.  When it comes to figuring … Continue reading

NOW WHAT? When inspiration does NOT strike

Thrift shop umbrella stand turned side table

Here’s how this project started:  Hubby asked for a side table for the patio.  He said something to the effect of “You make all this stuff – let’s create something we need.”  Hmmm… If you remember correctly, I did a … Continue reading

CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD: The Rustic Bar Stool

rustic stool seat final

I often break the first rule of thrifting:  “Buy it when you find it.”  I can’t tell you how many times I do this.  You would think when something costs $12 bucks – it wouldn’t be a tough decision.  Sometimes … Continue reading


door decor with frame and keys

Sometimes you need that lil’ something.  I’ve been feeling that way about my front door.  It needed SOMETHING for summer. My latest adventure started with a plain wood frame and some keys from the dollar bins at a craft store that I … Continue reading

DO YOU AN-TI-Q? The vintage floor lamp

I don’t. I don’t do antiques. Usually. I’m just not informed enough on what’s what. But let’s face it, there’s a fine line between antiques, vintage and just plain junk in some of these shops today.   Unless you are up … Continue reading

A TOUCH OF SPRING: Vintage Birdcages

vintage birdcage spring

I have an addiction to old birdcages. I don’t know why – I don’t like birds. I don’t have a desire to keep them in a cage.   I like the way they look I guess!  Especially vintage ones.  For example, you … Continue reading

IT IS FINISHED: The Master Bedroom

master bedroom makeover

It was our 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. (14 years? Already?!) That afternoon, the urge to finish the master bedroom hit me like a ton of bricks around 2PM and suddenly I was off and running.  The running part was because we … Continue reading