THE LITTLEST ONE: Bedroom Makeover Revealed

Tween bedroom makeover

This has to be my favorite room makeover of all time!  OF ALL TIME.  When I walk into the Littlest One’s new room I think “Wow, this is really pretty, I want to hang out in here.”  Tween years here … Continue reading


Vintage cameras

Seriously, this is the second year I have actually decorated for Thanksgiving and fall. I should get some kind of award for that!  (Well, at least I think so.)  Anyway, whenever I think of Thanksgiving – I think of family.  … Continue reading

I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO: DIY switch plate update

Easy switch plate cover update

Ok, so there are just ideas you come up with that take forever for you to actually implement.  You wait for the right circumstance and then TADA!  Now that I have done this, I want to do this EVERYWHERE in … Continue reading