DO YOU CANOE? The oar makeover

Old oar logo

Ah vacation…when you can truly relax and do what you want to do.  What did I do after a few rounds of kayaking and a couple naps?  (Oh my aching arms) I went junk shopping and found this cool old … Continue reading

THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS: Quotable Chalkboards

Painted Chalkboard Teacher Gift

Another school year has come to a close.  The Littlest One is again moving up a grade and it’s time to say thanks to those who have kept her on the road to success. Let’s face it.  Teacher gifts can be … Continue reading


door decor with frame and keys

Sometimes you need that lil’ something.  I’ve been feeling that way about my front door.  It needed SOMETHING for summer. My latest adventure started with a plain wood frame and some keys from the dollar bins at a craft store that I … Continue reading

THOSE DARN EGGS: My Easter Mantel

I want to start this post by saying: Wrapping string around egg shaped objects isn’t fun. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’ll still show you how I did it and if you choose to take the challenge – I … Continue reading

A “PINNING” COMBO: An Easy Art Tutorial

fCreating heart art by Me, Myself & DIY

We DIYers all scour Pinterest constantly…and love it!  For months now I’ve been pinning art projects that I thought were interesting.  When I needed something for above my laundry door, I went back and looked at everything I have pinned … Continue reading