I’m so glad you are here.  This DIY blogging adventure that I am on is a learning experience every day.  It’s nice to have others along for the ride!

Whenever life has thrown me a twist, I’ve found myself fixing things up – grabbing a spray paint can – or coming up with a new project to keep my mind busy.  That’s how I landed right here.  I’ve been truly inspired by family, friends and neighbors (you know who you are!) who are out there taking a chance, risking it all – to do something they love.  I absolutely had to join in!

I hope to supply you with ideas, some laughs or maybe just some décor eye candy.  You never know where the next project will take us!


As an FYI:  I currently do not receive any compensation for this blog.  All my opinions, products used or pictured (unless otherwise noted) are just because that’s what I happen to use or that’s what is going on during my DIY adventure.  If you would like to reblog, share my posts or include my photographs on your blog, I would love that!  Please contact me first and link back to my original content.  Thanks!

Have questions?  Need to contact me? 



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