LET’S GET SMILEY: The Emoji Party

The Littlest One’s expectations have been set too high when it comes to family birthday dinners. I asked her what she’d like this year and she said “Well, there has to be a theme. There’s ALWAYS a theme?!” I said “Fine, you’ll help me right?” And she says “NO! It has to be a SURPRISE!”

Really??? All these years I’ve been told I never let her help and now I offer the opportunity – because I’m working full time and trying to keep everything afloat – and NOW she’s not going to help?! Go fig.

Ok…so luckily I stumbled into these adorable balloons that light up. They are called illooms and have led lights inside. (I found them at Five Below, FYI) I was instantly inspired.

Emoji party by Me Myself n DIY

By the time I was done, I realized I had a theme – Emojis.

Emoji Party by Me, Myself & DIY

I printed out different emojis that were appropriate for each person. (It is mostly adults as it is a family dinner.) I made place cards from little initial photo holders and gift tags with the emojis glued on.

Emoji Party by Me, Myself & DIY

I used shiny burlap and mesh to create runners. You can also see the buckets I used last year at the hubby’s golf party.

Fun emoji party theme by Me, Myself & DIY

The balloons were so adorable, they even sat on top of candlesticks by themselves. A few colorful napkins, some birthday ribbon and the Littlest One was thrilled!

Fun emoji party theme by Me, Myself & DIY

It turned out to be an easy party theme that kept everyone smiling!


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