AM I BLUE? The coffee table

Blue had been absent from my “home décor” life for so long. I basically went through the early 2000’s tan/green phase and am just finally emerging from the other side.  As you can tell from my latest room makeovers, blue has become a key part of the décor.  And I’m still obsessed with grays but you can’t use them ALL the time right?

I say all that because when I recently volunteered to makeover another piece of furniture for Deserving Décor, I didn’t realize I would be faced with such “color indecisiveness”. This coffee table – really a tray that sits on legs – has sat in my garage now for months. I felt terrible, but I just couldn’t decide WHAT COLOR.

Coffee table before makeover by Me, Myself & DIY

I knew it needed to be durable and fit into any environment. Deserving Décor is an all-volunteer non-profit who supplies furnishing essentials to women and children who are escaping domestic violence and homelessness.  Simply put, this table needs to work for just about anyone…anywhere!

Coffee table before makeover by Me, Myself & DIY

I sanded it down, primed it up and – stared at it. What the HECK?  I didn’t want it to be black. It already was brown and didn’t appeal. What now?

Coffee table primed for makeover

Well – I have to say, my own beachy guest room inspired me. Suddenly I could see navy blue with the brass hinges. I sent hubby to the store and said “Pick something like this” and WOW, he did a great job!

Navy blue coffee table makeover by Me, Myself & DIY

I’m not going to lie – it was a BEAR. I used Valspar “Royal Navy” and it took so many coats to cover. I thought I’d be painting FOREVER.

Navy blue coffee table makeover by Me, Myself & DIY

But in the end it was SO worth it.

Navy blue painted coffee table makeover by Me, Myself & DIY

If this wasn’t going to such an important place – I’d seriously consider stealing it for myself. Doesn’t it look great in the guest room? But it will look great in someone else’s new home too – and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS.

I’m so excited to turn this coffee table over to Deserving Décor!  Want to know more about how you can help?  Check out their website here:


3 thoughts on “AM I BLUE? The coffee table

  1. You did a great job on transforming it with such a pretty and calm color. You did an even greater job sending it on its journey to brighten up someone else’s life.

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