TWO FOR TOMATOES: From the Garden

I know, usually I don’t put food posts on here. It’s not my “thing.” However, my friends are growing tons of tomatoes in their gardens and we are reaping the benefits. (The Littlest One and I only did green beans this year. It was our first venture into gardening.) Once I tried these two recipes, I had to share!


The first summer tomato recipe is for “Garden Fresh Bruschetta” by Spend With Pennies.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was pinned a biggilion times. You know how that can go – it’s either awesome or a big fat lie. In this case, it’s DELISH and a great (healthy) use of your tomatoes! You can find the original recipe here:

I made a couple of changes. First of all, I used whatever tomatoes I had been given.  Secondly, I just threw in as much basil as I wanted.

Fresh Bruschetta recipe

Serve it with little toasts or bread as her recipe suggests. Or, like me, crackers. IT’S ALL GOOD FOLKS!

Garden Fresh Bruschetta from Spend with Pennies

The second tomato recipe is my own. Grilled Tomato Mozzarella Sandwiches. And it’s darn simple!

Take your favorite bread. (make sure it is not wimpy bread, something hearty) I recommend artisan bread or sourdough. A rosemary olive oil loaf is excellent for example. This time, I used whole wheat sourdough.

Stack one slice with sliced mozzarella (I used part skim), sliced tomatoes, basil leaves (no chopping required) and drizzle balsamic vinegar on it. (For a little extra treat – you can always add grilled chicken.)  Put the top slice on and press it all together.

Grilled Tomato Mozz Sandwich by Me, Myself & DIY

Then brush oil on both sides. I use peanut oil but that might not be for everyone. Use what you would prefer – as long as it will work well on the grill.

My last step is to hand the tray to my hubby and have him grill them at ~325-350 degrees on the grill, 5-7 minutes on each side.  (Basically until they are ooey gooey and super yummy!)

Grilled Mozz and Tomato Sandwich by Me, Myself & DIY

I have to say – it’s my favorite summer sandwich! And, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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