Dear Friends and Fellow DIYers,

I miss writing and keeping you up to date on my latest and greatest projects.  Ok, I’ll be honest – I miss actually doing projects. I miss my craft closet. (I’m missing all the good spray painting weather too.) This summer has been fantastic so far but DOWNRIGHT BUSY. It’s not just work, it’s EVERYTHING.

Part of the busy-ness has been some “summer clean up.” I wanted to give you all a quick update on two of my former projects that have finally found a place in our home.

As you know, I painted my first oar. I’m happy to say it is hung up in the beachy guest room for all to enjoy.

Painted oar by Me, Myself & DIY

Painted oar in a beachy guest room

I had also grabbed some architectural remnants at a cute little shop on one of our weekend trips.  I added those to the guest room décor as well.

Wall decor by Me, Myself & DIY

We finally got the garage cleaned out. That included moving the dental cabinet. I’m so excited! It is now settled in the front room of the house.

I didn’t do a thing to it. I just couldn’t find a way to fix it without feeling like I was ruining it. ( I am going to look for a handle to replace the missing one.)

Is it dinged up? Yes, absolutely but I think it just adds to the charm. I cleaned it up and I am storing dining room décor in the bottom half.

Vintage dental cabinet

There’s so many little drawers left, I’ve decided to take the “junk drawer” out of the kitchen.  Not only will we get a drawer back in our kitchen for actual utensils – I might be able to find things like birthday candles and matches in the future.

Vintage dental cabinet

Hmmm, maybe that will give me some more time for my next project. Now I just have to decide what that is…

Thanks for reading and the happiest of summer days to you!







3 thoughts on “DEAR READERS: Catching Up

  1. Dana try the qmart for your handle. They might just have it. They have a lot of old handles and light switches etc. hope you find one . Looks great. Jan

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