DO YOU CANOE? The oar makeover

Ah vacation…when you can truly relax and do what you want to do.  What did I do after a few rounds of kayaking and a couple naps?  (Oh my aching arms) I went junk shopping and found this cool old oar.  Then….I sanded it.

Oar Before

I know, super thrilling right?  When I told a few people their reaction was: “Really?  You sanded an oar on vacation?”  I said “YUP! YOU KNOW IT!’

If you remember, I told you back in the post about my dad’s birthday that my family takes an annual vacation in the Adirondacks.  The great thing about that vacation is that we each get to do a little bit of what we like.  Sanding?  Totally an option.  My bro-in-law headed to the hardware store and got me some sand paper and I was good to go.  (Thanks Dude!)

I took it home to do the paint job.  I was inspired by this set of oars I found on Pinterest that were done by the pros at Sanborn Canoe Co. and featured by Kohler on their blog here.

Sanborn Canoe Co painted oars

Sanborn Canoe Co painted oars

I’m no pro, but I thought I’d give it a shot.  I figured out my pattern with (light) pencil marks and then I taped it up.  It was a LOT of taping.  My hubby was pretty impressed.

Taping oar for painting

Especially since I had to do it TWICE.  Once for the white part and once for the blue.  Remember when you are using painter’s tape to really seal it before you paint and then pull it when the paint is still damp.

Oar makeover taping

I’ll be honest, the oar was still bumpy after sanding (it’s old) – so even with the tape – there were minor errors when I pulled the tape.  I did have to do some touch ups by hand.  As an FYI, I used sample size latex paints for this project.  I just love those little jars for things like this!

After all the taping and painting, I put a coat of Polycrylic (Minwax) on the whole thing.  I kept the logo intact – I thought it kept the vintage feel.

Painted oar

Painted oar

Whether or not you like to canoe or kayak or sand things on vacation – I hope this summer you get to do something to relax.  Maybe a little oar makeover will work for you too?

Old oar logo

PS:  Where do you think this is going to be hanging?  You got it! My new beachy guest bedroom.



4 thoughts on “DO YOU CANOE? The oar makeover

  1. You did a great job and I was tickled that you left the old label. I really gives it that added interest. Can’t wait to see the room.

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