I think I said it last year, but the Fourth isn’t a holiday I tend to spend a lot of energy on.  It’s all about being with family, relaxing and not worrying about doing a whole lot of anything.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have some must haves in my life on the Fourth.  NONE of them are DIY, but they are all fun and easy.  Enjoy!

1.  Access to water.  Not everyone is near a lake/ocean or pool this time of year, even though it looks like it on FB and TV.  One year, we had no plans and we just blew up the baby pool – grabbed some camp chairs and put our feet in.  We watched the neighborhood go by that day and ended up having a whole lot of fun.  Here’s the type of pool we used, I found this example on Amazon: 71lbp+8mDuL__SL1500_2.  Sparklers.  They are at the grocery store. Dollar Store.  You get the idea.  Easy and fun for all, just be careful with them.  (No one needs to go buy a Fourth of July aloe plant.)  Here’s our attempt at taking a sparkler picture last year.  (Pitiful, I know.)


3.  Food:  Fun food is essential.  What more can I say?  Here’s my favorite Fourth food.  Thank you McCain for making Smiley Fries.  Ain’t nothing like ’em!AssetView

4.  A View.  Here’s my favorite Fourth view.  Don’t have a great view?  Drag your baby pool around until you find the perfect spot.  (Maybe even in front of a good movie.  Dive In Movie right?)


5.  Last BUT NOT LEAST – Friends and Family.  The Fourth of July is always better with company.  Whether it is TWO or TWENTY, old friends or new…it’s all good.

I wish all of you a happy Fourth of July!  (And for my non-USA based readers, I just wish you a fabulous weekend.)


PS:  The products are my choice.  No one paid me, I just like ’em.


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