WORKSPACE DIY: In my cubicle

I saw a cartoon recently that said something to the effect of “How can you expect me to think outside the box if I have to work inside a box?”  Quote source unknown, I can’t find the original cartoon….Whoever you are, you get major credit.

BUT – having a cubicle means having a job – so I’m good with that.  It doesn’t have to be tan and boring though!  I went to my usual haunts, where I had much success finding some cute filing options.  (The Littlest One decided that my theme was “quirky” so we went with that.)

I also shopped my house where I found a pillow for my chair and storage baskets for under the desk.

Anyway, I did two little projects for my cubicle that I wanted to share.  One was a plant box for my window.  Succulents seem to be a good choice for an office environment, so I purchased a couple of small ones.  I added some river rock to the bottom of the box for effect.  (I left them in their pots for now.)

River rocks in succulent planting


Succulent Planter Box

The second little project was making a tray to put all the odds and ends in.  I found this for $3 at Target.

Plain wooden tray


I took the rope handles off (just untie one knot) and spray painted it. Then, I put the rope handles back on and added some patterned drawer liner (also $3 from Target) on the bottom.

Painted tray for desk

I have to say, it goes right along with my aforementioned theme of “quirky.”

Desk tray painted

There are still things I want to do and when I’m all set up, I’ll get some pictures up here on the blog.

But now I must ask – what are your favorite things for your desk/cubicle/office at work?  If you need more ideas, I started a Pinterest board here:



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