When we first moved into this house, the Littlest One was about 3 years old and in her world, EVERYTHING had to be pink.  In fact, the first room we painted was her pink bedroom.  What they say is true, pick out your pink color and then buy 3 shades lighter.  You’ll be glad you did!

Bye pink copy

Now we’ve moved her into her new TWEEN room (revealed here).  With work and adjusting to my new schedule, the old pink room has sat untouched with the DOOR CLOSED.  I’m planning a beach themed guest room and am using the same color we painted our master bedroom which was Sherwin Williams Sand Beach. (This place is getting a little “patchwork” for me.  We need some consistency of color around the house.)

Last night, I finally started painting over the pink.  It was bittersweet, remembering when we put that pink up but also knowing we are entering another wonderful stage of life.  I only was able to get one coat on one wall, but at least I am moving forward.  I have to take things in smaller steps these days with only so much time available to get things done.  I guess I have to be OK with that.  🙂

Funny thing!  As if they knew what I was working on, Hometalk reached out to me and asked if I could curate another board for them.  The theme?  You guessed it!  WALLS.

Take a minute to check out the amazing walls done by some of my favorite bloggers on Hometalk.  Here’s a sample of what’s on the board.  Go ahead and click on it to check out the awesome ideas!

Hometalk Curated Board by Me, Myself & DIY about Walls



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