MY THUMB IS NOT GREEN: Container Gardening Ideas

If you remember my post from a few weeks back, I used my cheatin’ ways to do some faux flowering arranging.  Well, when it comes to real flowers – I can’t even cheat.  I am TERRIBLE with real live plants.

That’s why I don’t do a lot of gardening.  I don’t like it.  I’ll admit it.  I don’t even want to have to dig in the dirt.  But containers?  Containers I can handle.  It still requires guidance, but I can at least put some plants in a pot.  Best part?  No weeding.  Weeding is the WORST.

This year I wanted to do a better job than I have in the past so I turned to Pinterest for some ideas.  I looked for the simplest and most helpful posts that we could all benefit from. (Gardener or not)

I loved this simple pot by Unsophisticook.  It seemed like something I could handle – she even lists the plant names she used – and it would look nice on my porch.

Container planting from Unsophisticook

Found on Unsophisticook

This Thriller, Filler and Spiller” on Big Bad Flower reminds us how to make the whole thing look spectacular, without much fuss.  Love the “key words” – they really help my “slow-to-garden” brain!  (Could I use more quotation marks?)

Container arranging by Big Bad Flower

Found on Big Bad Flower

Mosquitos love me.  They’ve tortured me my whole life.  This infographic from Rob Sproute at Salisbury Greenhouse caught my eye immediately.  I’m definitely going to have to try this.

Salisbury Greenhouse Mosquito Container Gardening by Rob Sproute

Found on Pinterest from Salisbury Greenhouse

All in all, great ideas.  Unfortunately, thanks to my third cold this winter, the Littlest One and I only managed one container this weekend.  She picked out these adorable flowers that we put in a metal basin I received years ago at her baby shower.  They are Gerbera daisies and English daisies.

Container Gardening

I’ve been meaning to use it forever and now it’s bringing spring to our front porch.  (You know me and reusing containers.)

Container Gardening

We may not have green thumbs, but at least we can still get outside and enjoy spring!



3 thoughts on “MY THUMB IS NOT GREEN: Container Gardening Ideas

  1. I had a citronella geranium out near the frog pond last year. Probably should have put it right on the table on the back porch. Hah. Can’t wait to see if you get results.

  2. Great ideas and like the Mosquito planter. I actually have some of those plants in my garden already. I saw the Lemon Grass at Lowe’s last night but the blades are razor sharp! I don’t want to buy plants that will hurt me which is why I don’t have any roses in my garden. Thanks for the ideas!

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