CAN YOU HANDLE IT? The Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma

Our kitchen cabinets have visually challenged me for a long time.  I really contemplated painting them.  The trend is: If you ain’t got the cash to replace them – paint those cabinets.

Well, I’ve done that.  I painted my bathroom cabinets.  And I like them, don’t get me wrong, I really do.  But no matter what – I’m having to do touch ups.  (As per usual, I speak the truth.)  I followed all the rules…Maybe I just suck at painting cabinets?

Regardless of whether it was my lack of talent or what…I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t commit to painting our kitchen cabinets myself.  (I highly respect all those that have done it successfully btw.)  Given the fact I have standard builder cabinets, I had to find SOME solution.  So I started doing what any design focused desperate individual would do – I surfed Houzz.

The solution?  Handles.  But not just any handles, strategically placed handles.  Here were my inspiration photos:



In the end, it was this kitchen by Raveninside Interior Design that made my decision for me:


Cuz you see, I have other issues with my cabinets too.  Like – doors put on weird directions.  I’m all about doing the right thing, but I didn’t feel like filling a million little holes and trying to touch up the stain.

After tons of measuring, leveling and hole drilling…Here’s what mine look like:

Cabinet handles

I got the handles at Lowe’s and I’m very happy with them.  I installed them all horizontally.  By the way, I used some lemon oil (Weiman) to clean the wood up and make it shiny.  That helped a lot too.

And when my stainless appliances (Our anniversary gift.) showed up – well WOW, I really liked them.

Cabinet handles

The handles are located RIGHT WHERE YOU GRAB.  Bonus? The kitchen is pulled together and I seriously don’t feel like I’ve got ANYTHING builder grade going on.

Cabinets 3

Of course, maybe that’s just me.  😉


7 thoughts on “CAN YOU HANDLE IT? The Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma

  1. Great job! I know it’s a ton of work to measure and get the placement right, but at least you didn’t have the work of painting them too. As for painting, I don’t think you did anything wrong, painted stuff always needs touch ups. It kills me to see tiny chips in my furniture (inevitably right before someone is coming to look at it), but that’s just what you get with paint. If you have the set up to lacquer wood with horribly toxic solvents, you will probably get a more durable finish, but most of us don’t have a fancy paint workshop set up for the occasional DIY project. 🙂

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