A CHEATER’S GUIDE: Faux Flower Arranging

First of all, I need to say that I have crazy respect for real florists.  And by real florists, I mean – Those people that actually know how to arrange flowers.  Any kind of flowers.  They are AMAZING and I am certainly not one of them.

But when you are in a pinch, it’s ridiculously cold out and your green thumb has frozen off (or never existed if you are me) – is time to cheat at this skill.  My sister initially showed me how to make the best of a faux situation years ago and so now I’m going to share our ideas with you.

Here’s the deal, quick and dirty:

  1. Find your container. This is the easiest way to determine your color scheme, amount and types of flowers etc. Mom like tea?  Thrift shop teapot.  Dad like fishing?  Tackle box (yes, I’m serious).
  2. Pick your flowers. Go with what looks good together and matches the container.  My rule of thumb for filler colors?  White is white and cream is cream – if you can tell the difference, make the call either way.  Same goes for green.  If the greens don’t look good together, it makes it look super fake.  Grab all the flowers and just hold them together in a bunch – this will make the color matching apparent.
  3. Grab your coupons and starting buying. Seriously. ALWAYS have coupons. Faux flowers ain’t cheap.  My theory is get the best quality (i.e. most real looking) you can afford in an amount that will fill the container.  Make sure you have 1-3 larger pieces(most costly) that will take up feature room and some filler(less costly) that will be ok in the background.
  4. Find a few accents: Nothing helps take up space like a little card or a bird or some other cute, appropriate-to-the-container item.Faux flower arranging by Me, Myself & DIY
  5. Now here comes the actual arranging. Take floral Styrofoam and shove a bunch in the bottom of the container.  Yes, I said shove.  Tightly packed so it doesn’t move around.  (without breaking the container of course).
  6. Insert flowers in foam.  Start with the BIG ONES where you want them and then fill around.  (You’ll need heavy duty scissors for the stems.)
  7. Fill empty spaces. Add your accent pieces. Another trick? Add some cute material sticking out to cover areas that you might not like.

Faux flower arranging by Me, Myself & DIYFaux flower arranging by Me, Myself & DIY

Faux Flower Arranging by Me, Myself & DIY

Sometimes cheating isn’t bad right?


3 thoughts on “A CHEATER’S GUIDE: Faux Flower Arranging

  1. That is just lovely. I, being the WORST flower arranger ever, am majorly impressed. Love the case, the flowers and Gramma’s tablecloth peeking underneath.

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