LIFE CHANGES: DIY stays the same

Life on the “Me, Myself” side of this little blog has been changing.  Big news – I recently went back to work full time.  Yup, FULL TIME.  I’m very excited about this.  Having a job is a huge part of “who I am.”  NOT having a job, well that was part of the reason I started this blog.  I was finding myself one project at a time and filling the holes in my daily existence.

Naturally, I always thought when I started working again, this blog would be done.  I’d move on.

I was wrong.

There’s always a reason to do a little bit of DIY right?  I might have gotten a job, but I’m going to keep on finding (all of) myself.  It appears that the creative side of me needs an outlet and this here blog is IT.

That takes us to my dad’s birthday this past weekend.  I had very little time to prepare but I think between the Littlest One’s quick thinking and some last minute online shopping – it was a success.

Our family goes to the lake every summer and it is one of my dad’s favorite places.  Thus, the Littlest One decided on the lake theme.  With the old powder room mirror making a reappearance and an Adirondack chair frame that the Littlest One found, we created a lake setting on the table.

Adirondack table decor

Arranging the pre-lit plastic lanterns, river rocks and some branches reminded me that winter will soon be over.  Before you know it, I will be hanging out with my feet in the water.

Mini plastic lantern

Fishing floats tied with ribbon and labels helped decorate the place settings.

fishing float place setting

Dad enjoyed every minute.

And me?  I was reminded that even with limited time, there’s always room for DIY.



10 thoughts on “LIFE CHANGES: DIY stays the same

  1. Dad did like it VERY MUCH. It was so festive and fun. Thanks. And I too am glad that you are going to be keeping up the blog.

  2. Working full time alongside a blog is hard going (I know mine has suffered because of work commitments) but if anyone can do it then you can! Enjoy your new job and please try to keep blogging – I love reading it! xxx

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