MY FOUR DOLLAR FIND: The little filing cabinet

Ok, so maybe it was $4.50 but still – you get the idea.  I found this at a thrift shop during the planning stages of the Littlest One’s Tween Bedroom Makeover.  She wanted a locker but I couldn’t find an old locker.  This seemed like it might be an OK substitute.  (She agreed.)

thrift shop file cabinet

It was pretty beat up.  Originally, I thought I would make a side table out of it.  Turns out it was an odd shape and really didn’t fit properly in her room that way. To start, the handles needed to be removed and spray painted.  As with many of my projects, that turned out to be the easiest part.

File drawer handle

The cabinet itself I had a rough time with.  The paint wouldn’t adhere.  I ended up doing a lot of steel wool sanding part way through.  Once I cleaned it up and took the painting slow, it worked out.  The other problem is that it is winter here and my choices for where to spray paint (safely) are limited.

It needed to be cleaned properly first and even though I washed the whole thing – I probably could have done a better job.  Next time I paint something like this, I’ll use a better degreaser and sand it with steel wool before starting.  (I’ll also do it in better weather!)

File cabinet makeover

Even though it was a pain, I was glad I kept working at it.  I love the color and the additional storage it adds to her room.

Thrift shop file cabinet makeover

She told me this morning that she’s using it for her magazines.

Desk and window tween room

That’s one less thing I’ll have to ask her to clean up, so the idea works for me!


One thought on “MY FOUR DOLLAR FIND: The little filing cabinet

  1. How cool is that!!! Good pick and good make-over. Those metal drawer cabinets are getting few and far between and so this’ll be good to have long range too.

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