WHEN LIFE HAPPENS: Clean the craft closet

Seriously.  When my life is in upheaval, taking control of something is the best thing I can do.  I highly recommend it.  Taking control of something in your life means you have said “ENOUGH.”  It also means there’s something you CAN control.  Pick something you know you can conquer and dig in.  Focus on the positive and just go with it.

I know it seems insane to take on a huge project in the middle of stress but dang it, it WORKS.  I’ve done this with several things the past three months and I’m telling you my head is finally screwed on correctly.  I have so much news about the massive changes going on around my house but for now, I really owe you an actual project that I have done myself.

With everything being so crazy – I decided to take on the cr*p closet.  Ahem, I mean craft closet.  Ready for the truth?  Here you go!  Here’s the closet BEFORE the makeover.

Craft Closet Before Picture

UGH.  Please don’t pin that anywhere.

And here’s the after.

Craft closet makeover

So worth it right?  Now, listen – I didn’t go out and spend a fortune on containers and stuff.  (So this ain’t gonna be featured on HGTV.)  Besides the new shelving (on sale) and the light (must have, so cute!) – I did all of this from stuff that was ALREADY IN THE CRAFT CLOSET.

For example, the PVC piping leftover from my palm tree project became reels to put my ribbon on.  The hanging rack was from a thrift shop ages ago and it got a little spray paint update.

Ribbon organization

So easy to hang and add ribbon to – or remove.   Plus it looks fun and colorful right?

Ribbon organization

This cart was a Christmas gift to me from LAST YEAR.  (I’m so lame.)  Now it’s all ready to go.

Organized craft cart

I used my same labels from the pantry project last year.  (might as well make the closets cohesive right?) All the tubs I already had, they just weren’t put to good use.

Labeled bins

My material is now cleanly hung on the Littlest One’s old crib rail.  I love it!

Craft closet material organization

And of course, I needed a creative touch on the wall.

Organized craft closet

Again I say – If you are creative like me and your stress level is high – take a shot at a new project.  Just for fun.  (I mean, painting the letters on the wall was so cathartic!)

The best part?  Seeing my stuff so organized and all ready for me to….

Create final copy

PS:  People ask me how I whip an area into shape so quickly.  It’s not rocket science I promise…and so I’m going to write a post on the how-tos soon!


8 thoughts on “WHEN LIFE HAPPENS: Clean the craft closet

  1. Great job. Don’t you just find yourself opening the closet door just to re-visit the changes? That’s the best part. I’m waiting for my dryer to be fixed so that I can put the culled and re-organized stuff back into the laundry closet.

  2. Looks great! When I’m feeling frustrated I always find myself straightening up the apartment and I recently noticed that my husband take his anger out on the dirty dishes 🙂

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