GUEST POST: Top DIY Trends for 2015

I’m so thrilled to have Anna from L’Essenziale Home Designs guest blogging here this morning.  If you haven’t visited her blog yet, you should!  Her design perspective is new and fresh.  The thing I enjoy the most is the fact she makes me think about my house in a way I would not have before.   Today she is sharing her predictions for the Top DIY trends in 2015.  Enjoy!


Top DIY Trends for 2015

Last year brought us many exciting DIY projects, some of them were so creative and beautiful that we will definitely see them again this year. In this post I’ve tried to make some predictions on what will be popular in DIY world in 2015.


What could be more fun and creative than finding a new way to use old mason jars, tin cans or kids’ rain boots that they won’t wear anymore? DIY upcycling projects are the best way to show off your creativity, as well as some love to our Mother Nature.



Found on: The House Gardener

Have you noticed some cyclicity when it comes to fashion and interior trends? Macrame, so popular when our grandmothers were young is now back again! It is time to learn some knotting techniques and bring back to our homes whimsical plant hangers and wall decors: this year they promise to be big again.


Found on : Better Homes & Gardens

Found on : Better Homes & Gardens

The most ordinary piece of furniture can be drastically transformed by repainting it in a quirky and unexpected colour. What I love about these type of projects is that you don’t have to have any particular skills or experience to accomplish them. Just pick the colour you like and make sure you properly covered the floor before starting.


Found on: Pinterest

Found on: Pinterest

Crocheted furniture and home accessories were extremely popular in 2014 and several famous brands even launched their own “knitted” collections. This year they will be still fashionable so it’s time to start knitting a lovely sweater for your chair.


Not sure exactly how and when it started but more and more people are getting traditional looms in their homes and learn how to weave. So if you are keen to try, you can make some cheerful minisweaters for your walls or colourful runners for your floors.


Did you know that pottery lessons are wonderful for relaxation and recovering from depression? So it’s time to restore connection with earth as handmade ceramics will be super popular in 2015.

Hope you like these trends – it’s time to get crafty!

-Contributed by L’Essenziale Home Designs


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