My beginning of the year organizing continues.  I’m telling you, it’s amazing how much junk we amass over the course of a year isn’t it?!  The trash pile currently in my garage might qualify for a world record.  (I’m serious.  My husband is freaking out that they won’t take it all this week.)

2015 has me taking on my biggest organizing challenge yet – THE CRAFT CLOSET (otherwise known fondly in my house as the cr*p closet).  The work is being done, the posts will be on their way.  (You’ll want to watch for it – the truth will be revealed.)

In the meanwhile, you folks have been coming on over to the ole blog to check out my past storage projects.  Extra special thanks to those who reach out and share your own photos!  I thought I’d do a quick revisit to get the creative juices flowing as you tackle your closets this January.

I’ve definitely received some love for the pantry makeover.  I’m telling you, bins are AWESOME and make the cleaning up and maintenance of food items SO MUCH EASIER.  When crumbs fall, they fall in the bins and I can just wipe them out.  Fantastic stuff.

pantry organization

The coat closet is getting a workout this winter.  The Littlest One is even remembering to put her gloves away in her basket.  (Well, usually)  Those baskets really saved it from turning into a complete mess over the holidays.

Three tier basket for outdoor gear

Lastly, some friends over at Hometalk have checked out the thrift shop storage cube I transformed.  This little beauty is still in my garage and getting used for winter boots right now.

storage box cube

Speaking of Hometalk, I went over there and found some more storage ideas for you guys this past weekend.  If you haven’t been on Hometalk – it’s basically a site where folks share projects and get feedback and ideas from other people.  The best part?  You can create clipboards of projects for your own inspiration.

I curated a clipboard of upcycled storage boxes from some awesome fellow bloggers.  You can click on this graphic to go over and check them out:


I hope that I’ve inspired you to keep plugging away at your organizing this winter.

PS:  Oh and here’s my personal secret to organizing – if you get stuck in the process, go to your local coffee shop, get your favorite caffeinated beverage and then get back to it.  There’s nothing a peppermint mocha can’t cure when it comes to tackling the junk! (at least in my book)



6 thoughts on “WHERE DID I GET ALL THIS STUFF? Storage solutions

  1. OH BOY, dryer died so guess who’ll be cleaning out the laundry closet before the repair person has to go in? Moi. Good thing you’re inspiring me.

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