ASKING “WHAT NEXT?”: The beginning of 2015

Logo Photo Edited 1Asking “What next?” is pretty much how I start my day, every day.  Not in a bad way mind you, just in a “What am I doing today?” way.

As a result, when I get to the beginning of a year, I generally don’t make a big thing out of it.  I’m a person who is constantly reevaluating my status quo and rarely do I want to make a bunch of big resolutions.  I’ve come to learn that I am just going to keep on keepin’ on no matter what the date is.

That’s not to say that a new year isn’t exciting.  It’s full of promise and hope.  All kinds of potential.  I do get excited about that.  The only problem is that where I live, January and February are DANG COLD.  Not my favorite.  As some of my fellow bloggers have mentioned, (great post from Big Red Barn here) it can lead to depression and a feeling of BLAH.  You’ve got to have a plan.

Therefore, I tend to take on my task list during these months.  I’ve got to have some projects to focus on and if life doesn’t provide them – I have to choose them myself.  So here’s the things I KNOW I should do around the house in 2015.   It doesn’t mean I’ll get them all done – it just means I have things to choose from and work on.

  1. Littlest One’s room needs to be changed. Right now she’s still sleeping in her “little kid environment.” By choice. But it’s time to get her into a bigger room and make it a little more age appropriate. We’ll see if she lets me get her there or not.  (It’s really ok whatever happens.)
  2. If I DO change her room, the old room needs to become the guest room. Whew.
  3. Trim needs painting. BORING I know. That’s why it never gets done. Gotta get it done. Must force myself.
  4. Craft closet needs organizing. I’ll just say this – there’s a better name for it right now and it’s a four letter one. (Cr** Closet)
  5. Bathroom closets and cabinets need organizing. I intended to do this at the end of last year but no go. That’s ok. This isn’t a tough one. (HA! Let’s see if it ever happens.)
  6. Donate, donate, donate. Should have done this before the New Year also – but there’s just a lot of stuff around here we don’t need anymore. Must get it out. OUT.

I figure this is a good starting point.  You know that I’ll keep you posted.   I’d love to hear what you all have on your lists for this year too!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope your 2015 is getting off to a great start!





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