CHRISTMAS 2014: Thrifty and vintage strike again

I never really thought that I’d be so in love with my thrift shop and vintage finds.  I used to be an “all new, all the time” kind of person.  But each Christmas, I seem to find interesting ways to use old stuff in my decorating.

You’ve already seen my adorable mini ladder.  It’s filling up with cards day by day.

Junk shop ladder used as holiday card display

Last year, I told you all about my vintage sleds.  I still love them and have two of them out front.  I was REALLY excited this year because I scored another smaller one from a neighbor who was moving.  I was so sad to see her go, but honestly, she couldn’t have given me a better parting gift.  I ended up using it next to our fireplace (since the little tree died this year) and I love it.  Paired with some skates, it just fits right in.

Vintage sled christmas decorations


Plus, Scooter seems to like it. (it’s just a cell phone shot, so sorry for the quality!)

scooter with sled final

I’ve been keeping an old window I bought at a thrift shop in the garage for over a year and STILL hadn’t found a way to use it.  I’m super excited to say – here it is!

window on mantel for Christmas decoration

Whether during the day or lit up at night, I think the window adds depth and interest to my mantel.

Christmas mantel old window

Christmas mantel decoration old window

What’s your favorite vintage or junk shop find that you use at Christmas or during the holidays?  I’d love to hear all about it!


6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS 2014: Thrifty and vintage strike again

  1. It is the vintage that triggers the past memories. I have a Santa given me when I was 3. He still has his sack with the little toys in it. Very dear… as are the various ornaments from both my childhood and my childrens’.

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