CHRISTMAS CARD DISPLAY: The little red ladder

Oh yeah, another junk shop find.  This little ladder was standing outside by itself this summer when I was prowling around on vacation.  For $8 I had to have it!  I mean, there had to be something cool that I could do with it right?

thrift shop ladder

Well, it’s been standing in my garage for 6 months.  Then Christmas came and I was trying to figure out how to display my cards this year.

Let me say – I love receiving cards.  I feel like if people made an effort and spent money to use the antiquated postal system, (just to send me some holiday love!) the cards deserve some respect when I get them.  Plus they are so colorful and fun to look at.

I have done all different things with holiday cards over the years.   I used a display basket.  I have spray painted branches and put them in a bucket and hung the cards on them like a tree.   (Wish I had taken pictures of that one!)  I’ve hung them in windows.  You get the idea.  (And if you are on Pinterest like me, there are plenty of card display options.)

Back to the ladder.  It was already red.  I didn’t even have to DO anything to it.  I just set it up – grabbed some laundry clips (leftover from another project) and there you have it.  My red ladder card display!

Junk shop ladder as holiday card display

I can even use ribbon to tie cards to the sides if I am lucky enough to receive that many.

Junk shop ladder used as holiday card display

What do you think?  How do you display your cards?  Please comment so we can share our ideas!

PS:  That Noel sign?  Yup, I made it.  Look for a post next week – it’s a dollar store and leftover supply project that is eazy schmeezy!


7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CARD DISPLAY: The little red ladder

  1. Awww. That little ladder just had to come home with you. I’m sure this first performance will only be a starter in things it will do.

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