MY DOLLAR STORE CREATION: “Knit” Christmas Trees

Ever since I have started blogging, the one thing I have wanted to do is try to make a craft completely out of items found at the dollar store. This is a pretty common activity for DIY and craft bloggers, but I’ve never been inspired by anything…until now.  With this project, I got pretty close to having every item be from the dollar store.

I found this stuff there last week. It’s a rug and a floral cone.  I bought three of each.  Each rug had a different pattern.  I also used hot glue, jute rope and three buttons for this project.  (The buttons were the only items I did not get from the dollar store.  But that’s not to say you couldn’t find some.  I just happened to have these already.)

rug and floral cone

Then, after I cut off a section of fringe, I aligned the finished edge of the rug with the bottom of the cone.  Wrapping carefully, I hot glued the BOTTOM EDGE ONLY to the cone.

wrap bottom final

Once that was done, I could complete the wrapping process.  Be careful with this, as wrapping a cone means you need more material at the bottom to cover.  You also need to work from the top to fold and glue the seam – making sure the whole time that it will be a straight line.

wrap and glue final

Let’s just say my first attempt wasn’t as clean as my third!

Finally, you stand the tree up and tie the top with jute string.  Once it is tied, you can go ahead and fray the top a bit more.

tie with jute rope

Then, I threaded each end of the string through a hole in a button.  (Tricky tip:  If your string won’t go through and you don’t have one of those neat-o threading tools on hand – use scotch tape.  Fold a piece of tape flat on the end of the string and then cut to a slim point.  This should last long enough for you to get it through the hole.)

adding button

My last step was to tie a bow with the string.  I did end up making all three of these, and I think they turned out great!

Knit dollar store trees

Honestly – the rugs were a best buy for a buck each and I have enough material left, I might make some for friends.  They would make a cute hostess gift perhaps?

Knit trees made from dollar store items

I’d love to hear what you think!  Have you made something fun completely from the dollar store?



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