Seriously, this is the second year I have actually decorated for Thanksgiving and fall. I should get some kind of award for that!  (Well, at least I think so.)  Anyway, whenever I think of Thanksgiving – I think of family.  Last year’s mantel was the same theme but why give up a good thing?

(You can see that post here by the way. And, I did reuse things from it around the house this year.)

I was at a complete loss about fall decorating until I caught a glimpse of my father-in-law’s vintage cameras while cleaning last week.

Vintage cameras

Before I knew it (literally in 2 hours), I had come up with this:

fall mantel with cameras and photos

I know – frames again – but hey, I love frames and they work in so many ways! (I just can’t stop.) And how easy is it to print out some letters on your computer and stick them in cheapie frames?  I just picked random fonts and it worked out great.  (You could do “Thanks” or “Memories” or “Fall” – The ideas are endless.)

family sign with frames

And the wood? Well that’s an old cabinet door I bought at a junk shop for $4.  It makes a lovely “memory board” for some of my favorite pictures and mementos. (Careful with photos around your fireplace.)

fall mantel with cameras and photos

I love the way it fits in with my family room and reminds us of some of our favorite moments. I could actually leave this up for more than just fall. (sans pumpkins of course!)

fall mantel with cameras and photos

So total? I spent about 8 bucks if you count the cabinet door and the pumpkins. (On sale of course, because the craft stores were done with fall about a month ago.)  Otherwise, I found pretty much everything around the house.

But if you are looking for the supplies, here’s my suggestions: Frames – dollar store and thrift shop, String – dollar store, Laundry clips – dollar store, Pumpkins – craft store or real ones, Cabinet door? Well, just keep junkin’!

May your memories keep you warm this fall!




3 thoughts on “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES: The fall mantel

  1. Hmmm. I never thought of using old cameras to decorate. VERRRRY clever. The fireplace looks great. You just want to snuggle down with tea and a good book, glancing up every now and then to those framed moments.

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