BIRDS & BOOKS: The owl theme continues…

Yeah, so I went all in on the owls this year. If you have read my blog regularly, you know I tend to get stuck in a theme.  Apparently the current theme is owls!

Anyway – The purple powder with its newly painted trees (see post here) ended up being the perfect place to add a little cheap Halloween update this year. I never would think to decorate my bathroom for Halloween usually.  But I do tend to have folks over for trick or treat – etc.  And with the colors and those trees – I just couldn’t miss out.

The whole thing only cost me $10 anyway. Here’s what I did:

Wrapped some books in paper and decorated them. We all remember how to put book covers on from our high school years right? Painting books, decorating books – it’s all over Pinterest. My suggestion? Just grab some scrapbook paper and wrap it up.  Maybe use a Sharpie or some stickers to decorate the cover.  Takes no time, barely any money and you can take it off after the holiday is over.

Halloween decorative book covers

Bought paper owls at the dollar store. What are purple trees at Halloween without some dark birds?Owl on wallOwls on wall

Bought a fuzzy owl and shopped my house for a candleholder. Oh and picked up the “creepy material” for a buck from the dollar store too. Not bad for a “back of the toilet Halloween vignette” huh? (Never thought I’d use all THOSE words in a phrase together!)

Halloween vignette

Let’s be honest – this post isn’t going to win me any decorating or DIY awards.  But, when the Littlest One walked in there for the first time – she jumped back and shrieked a little. I guess that’s worth something huh?!





5 thoughts on “BIRDS & BOOKS: The owl theme continues…

  1. When I saw the bathroom I didn’t shriek, but I was calling out accolades, and lots of them. Loved the owls in the trees!. [Maybe some snowy owls in the come January for the winter?] Good job

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