BEHIND THE BLOG: The past 2 weeks

Greetings Friends and Fellow DIYers!  Here’s a little update from “Behind the Blog.”  I usually don’t get super personal, but sometimes you just gotta go there you know?!

For the past six months I’ve been dealing with the fact that I was going to have to get on a plane for 8+ hours (twice!).  Not my bag AT ALL.  But honestly, it was all in the name of love as my hubby had managed to wrangle our dream trip to Europe.  I had to face the music (or runway so to speak) and DO THIS THING.

Sufficed to say, I can tell you I’ve been completely unfocused since about the end of July.  Distracted and sometimes unable to even fathom what we were going to do.

In retrospect, was it ridiculous?  Absolutely.  Could I have changed how I dealt with it?  No.  Did we have a fabulous time?  ABSOLUTELY.  I’m so grateful we went!  Now I just feel so blessed and lucky.

I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from the places we visited that have inspired me for future DIY projects.  The architecture in Europe was AMAZING and I fell in love with all the little balconies and archways.

architecture 1

It looks like they wallpapered the outside of the building!


The shutters are PINK!

The shutters are PINK!

duomo edited

Gorgeous details right?

Archway edited

One of my favorite pictures. Love the archways with the plants!

Challenge completed! (and enjoyed)  I’m back and trying to decide what to focus on next.  I’m wrangling my to do list and figuring out what, where and when.  I’ll keep you posted.  DIY is on the back burner currently, and that’s going to have to be ok for a little while longer.  I hope you all will bear with me as I clear my brain and get organized.


Love these two!

So I guess I’m officially saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall! 🙂





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