WHAT A HOOT! Owl pillow décor

Fall is a busy time for DIY projects around this here blog. I never know what décor to tackle first – Halloween or fall?  This year (for many reasons) I chose fall. At least for outside. This is because I came up with a quick solution to my front porch décor.

First of all, my summer plants are not dead yet. I can’t get rid of flourishing plants for the sake of blogging.  (I just can’t.)  Simple solution?  I just bought some little white pumpkins and stuck them in the plants.  Whatever works right?

Pumpkins in planters

Secondly, I wanted a big mum on my porch. I originally painted this thrift shop basket with stripes for my bedroom.

Paint "dipped" wicker basket

When I did my master bedroom makeover earlier this year, it no longer matched. Since I’d been eyeing up those paint dipped baskets lately – I went ahead and gave it a spray paint update.

Lastly, you all know I’m a fan of strange ways to update pillows temporarily. I love pillows but where do you store them all?  So, during the winter I use my (very basic) back deck couch pillows and spruce them up different ways for my front porch rockers.  See my Halloween and Christmas posts from last year.  (My front porch is COVERED so I can leave pillows out there safely.)

This time, I used felt owl placemats and a runner (total of like $12) to create a little decoration for the pillows. I just cut the runner into two strips (one for each pillow) and wrapped it around the pillow.

back of owl pillow

I hot glued the owl to the runner (not to the pillow) and there you have it!

placemat owl pillow decor

Then it slips off and on the pillow easily and stores flat. Not bad for a few minutes work!

placemat owl pillow decor

The Littlest One loves them and so do my neighbors. (They already got a sneak peek!)

fall front porch decor






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