FORE-TY! The Golf Themed Party

Darn, I should have used the “Fore-ty” thing for the party invites.  Just occurred to me.  HA!  Anyway, hubby had his big birthday this past week and since he’s addicted to golf – that was our theme!  We worked so hard on the whole she-bang so the Littlest One and I wanted to share some of our crafty decorations with you all.

We went all out with the golf theme and even had our own “drive, chip and putt” challenge.  We used these items to make our own trophies.  Wood spools from the craft store, golf tees and some plastic practice balls.

Golf trophy supplies final

We drilled a hole for the tee and glued it in place.  Then we glued the ball to the top of the tee.  We spray painted them with metallic paint.  Then  I printed the labels and glued them on as well.

DIY golf trophies

Pretty cute and very inexpensive!

We had flags for our games to indicate points.  I found these felt pre-cut banners on sale at Michael’s and zip tied them to yard stakes.

Game Flag final

For our dessert kabobs, I also made flags. I cut felt and hot glued it to the bamboo skewer.  Then I used black fabric paint to write the 40 on.

golf themed bamboo kabobs

I made chocolate covered strawberries and put them on the skewers with pound cake or angel food cake.  (Hubby isn’t a big cake person!)

Golf themed dessert skewers kabobs

Our centerpieces were mums in paint buckets, made to look like a bucket of balls with a tee holding the ribbon.  I found a turf-like carpet for $10 and cut it up into runners for the tables.

Golf centerpiece


Gold themed centerpiece

Golf themed party table

It was a wonderful evening with family and friends!



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