MY VACATION SOUVENIR: The antique sewing table

It used to be that when I went on vacation I bought myself a little something – clothes, jewelry, a bag – to remember the trip by.  Well, this summer I found myself nosing around the antique and junk shops instead.  I found a few unique things including this fold up sewing table.  For $30, it was a STEAL!

Antique Sewing Table before

My husband was wondering how I was going to get it home in an already packed car.  (and, of course, where was I going to put it once I got home???) But I took care of both those issues.  All folded up it easily fit in the back of the car under the suitcases.

Antique sewing table folded

And at home?  It will slide under a bed for storage purposes.  (At least until I get my craft room up and running!)

This table is circa 1920s based on my research.  I didn’t want to do TOO much to it.  Someone had attempted to paint the legs at some point.  I did my usual lead paint test before I sanded it.  (I still wore a mask.)  I took the whole thing apart and painted just the legs with black spray paint.

Antique sewing table legs after

I love the top so much!  All the wear and tear just makes me think of the many people who have used it to do projects!  I really didn’t want to do anything to compromise the ruler either.

Here it is before:

Antique sewing table ruler before

I did a little sanding (avoiding the ruler) and put on two coats of Helmsman (following the instructions).  I love the way the ruler ended up being darker and now the top will be durable for my projects without ruining anything that happened before.

Antique sewing table ruler after

Antique sewing table refinished

Antinue sewing table

I can’t wait to use it!


7 thoughts on “MY VACATION SOUVENIR: The antique sewing table

  1. Hubby and I drove from SC to Maine late September and we made a similar purchase in NY. Our table has metal wheels and a branded yard measure. We are trying to get an ideal of what’s it’s worth, we paid $15! We also got a singer red eye, electric for $ 20. It was a good day. Love my table too


  2. A great table for not only sewing [which I would ToTallY use it for] but covering one’s kid’s school books, sorting and organizing papers etc, and wrapping gifts. Yippee.

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