LESSONS LEARNED: Positivity please?

So no DIY post this week. We’ve been working on stuff, the Littlest One and I, but I can’t share it YET because it’s for the hubby’s birthday party and he follows my blog like the dutiful husband that he is.

But there’s always Lessons Learned right?  And I have acquired some new ones over this summer that I thought I better share.  Both about me and about DIY…so here goes!

1.  Don’t put Helmsman over light paint…or anything you don’t want to yellow out. Remember the rustic bar stool? Well, I thought since it was going to be in the kitchen, I’d put a nice thick coat of shiny on the seat. DUH, always read the label!  I didn’t this time and it clearly states NOT to do this. The seat has a yellow hue. Just thought you’d want to know. (Although it is possible you did already and I’m the only idiot, LOL! ) rustic stool madeover

2.  Don’t leave your project under the garage door that could drip when you lift it. It will create a mess.  That happened with this little beauty. Luckily, I was able to save the top.  (You all are probably clued in on this one too and I’m the one who didn’t think of it.)

painted nightstand after

3.  When working with a new product, don’t JUST trust the people at the store. I’m not saying they don’t know what they are talking about, but it’s always best to double check.  I struggled with the top of this bar cart because I used a roller with paint that was supposed to look like aluminum. Hmmm…a little online search and some tips about using messy strokes saved the day!

bar cart final 3

This is the last one and this is the biggest one for me.

4.  I’m not as positive of a person as I think I am and I need to fix it.

Let me clarify that last bullet.  I always thought I was an extremely positive person.  The rule in our house has always been that “All situations are temporary” and “It will be fine in the end.”  And we do tend to stick to that.  But as this year has gone on, I’ve found that fear and disillusion has festered in my heart.  Things have happened to friends, situations have been (and will be) scary…You get the idea.

Everywhere I look I feel overwhelmed.  Suddenly I’m dragging myself through life in a way that I had no idea I was doing.

And I can’t let it continue.  I read this article that is posted on The Mind Unleashed about the ways you are making your life harder.  It was like a mini wake-up call.  http://themindunleashed.org/2014/08/18-ways-youre-making-life-harder.html

While all of the writer’s points did not apply to me necessarily, I found that there were several things I was making harder than they needed to be.  Life isn’t going to change for me, so I need to change for my life.

Starting off – here’s my response to the positivity challenge someone gave me on Facebook the other day that I hadn’t gotten around to.  The challenge was to share three positive thoughts for 5 days.  Let’s be real – there’s no need for you all to read 15 things so I’ve cut it back to 5 (and not in any particular order):

  1. This morning I am alive.
  2. I have food, water and shelter.
  3. I have an amazing hubby who is my best friend and supports me every single day. I love him and he loves me.  Can’t beat that.
  4. The Littlest One basically rocks my world and I am a totally proud “Mom Mom.”
  5. I have friends and family who would be there for me in a second if I needed them.  I never walk alone.

To wrap things up, I leave you with a picture of Scooter, because who wouldn’t want to see him try to get in the hubby’s cereal bowl?  I mean – talk about reaching for the positive things in life right?  He certainly never lets anything stop him!  🙂

scooter cereal final


Thanks for reading and watch for some new DIY soon!


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