WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? Storage for my sister

If there’s one person I know who can adapt to other people’s styles and figure out what works for them – it’s my sister.  She’s an extremely talented stylist and also a theater costume professional.  When it comes to figuring out “a style” – she gets it.

She had a birthday this past weekend.  I wasn’t going to MAKE her something but I got inspired at the last minute when I was at the salon getting “my hair did.”  Everyone can use storage right?  I started with these items:

Personalized rustic bin supplies

Now – I’d just like to say that while I’m a huge fan of craft store bins – if I can get one that is already painted and looks all rustic for the same price or less – I’m in!  I love stores like Ross, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx…you get the idea.  I did buy the chalkboard at a craft store.

I took apart the scissors – apparently true stylist scissors have a little screw in the middle.  Took it right out so I could attach it to the wood frame of the chalkboard with a regular screw.  (Easy does it with the electric hand drill people – the chalkboard will break if you don’t take your time.)

Stylist scissors unscrewed

Then I prepped and spray painted the whole kit and caboodle!  (Standard note: When using spray paint, follow the instructions on the can.)

Chalkboard prepped for painting

I sanded the scissors a little to give them a more rustic look and then clear coated the whole thing before I pulled the tape.  By the way, before people start giving me a hard time about ruining a perfectly good pair of stylist scissors – these were $6 at Ross ok??

Then I used my nail gun (again, carefully) to attach the finished chalkboard to the front of the bin.

Personalized stylist bin front

So total cost of project (already had the paint)?  About $15.  That’s what it costs or more to get one of these already “fixed up” at craft stores etc.  And mine is personalized!

Personalized stylist bin

I guess it was HER style – since she immediately said she was going to put her brushes in it at the salon!  🙂

Personalized stylist bin


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