NOW WHAT? When inspiration does NOT strike

Here’s how this project started:  Hubby asked for a side table for the patio.  He said something to the effect of “You make all this stuff – let’s create something we need.”  Hmmm…

If you remember correctly, I did a whole post HERE about outdoor tables for my friend Kim.   Since then, I just haven’t been inspired by anything I have seen.  Plus, I’ve been a little sidetracked with traveling etc.

After his request – I purposefully went looking for something and found this:

outdoor table before

It’s an umbrella stand (looked sort of Bombay Company ish) I got at thrift for $5.  And a wooden checkerboard for $1.  Total…yes…$6.

I came up with this BRILLIANT design where I was going to hinge the checkerboard onto the top and create a place to keep the checkers.  I removed the felt and spray painted both things with indoor/outdoor metallic black.

Then I managed to warp the checkerboard.  Either when I cleaned it or when I spray painted both items.

AND I cracked it trying to fix it.  (Trash city.)

AND then I spent the next two weeks trying to figure out what to do instead.

AND nothing came to me.  Nothing worked.  I bought and returned a bunch of stuff.  Nothing.

AND then we had a party Saturday night.

AND then….I improvised.

outdoor side table final

It’s ok right?  You know I’m a total sucker for faux bamboo!

table faux bamboo close final

Here’s the point of this story.  DON’T do something permanent until you really find your inspiration or the final design you want.  Don’t feel like you have to FINISH THE PROJECT RIGHT THEN.  Sometimes it is ok to say – “This’ll do for now.”

Single pieces of tile are cheap and heavy.  I just set a piece on top.  And one day I’ll figure out how I REALLY want to finish it.

table tile top final

Until then – I have a functional table with a place for plants.  Honestly – I drilled holes in the bottom for water to go out.  I don’t know how long that part of this table will hold up outside.  We shall see but for $5 (ok $6) bucks – I’m not worried!  🙂

Thrift shop umbrella stand turned side table

PS:  The truth?  We probably never would have played checkers anyway!


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