WHAT IS THIS THING? Mystery at the Thrift Shop

I love a good mystery, don’t you??  Mom and I were “getting our thrift on” (near her house, not mine) about a month ago looking for a specific item.  While we didn’t find what we wanted (of course) we did find this amazing (but puzzling) cabinet.

cabinet 2 final

It was marked $30 and I wanted it at first sight!  Mom kept saying “Don’t walk away, you are going to think about this all night.” I still walked off.  (Really??) And she was right, I didn’t stop thinking about it.

I got home and looked it up online(with a good mystery comes a fun online search).  And of course, I ended up calling my mom and screaming “YOU HAVE TO GO BACK FIRST THING IN THE MORNING AND GET IT FOR ME.  YOU HAVE TO BE THERE WHEN THEY OPEN!”

Wanna know what it is?  I believe it is a DENTIST’S CABINET!  Yes, a cabinet from a dentist’s office a loooong time ago.  And frankly, even as beat up as it is – it’s worth a penny or two more than what I paid. 😉 It’s also missing the upper glass cabinet.  But still…

dental cabinet 1

Want to know what I paid?  I’m happy to say $28 (there was a SALE too!)  What a SCORE!  I have a myriad of ideas about what I want to do with it.   Craft storage? Closet storage?  The possibilities are endless.

It needs some serious cleaning and one knob is missing.  I also have to solve the other mystery….how to get the locked door open.  (hmmm…hopefully nothing scary is inside right?)

cabinet 3 final

I’m going to have to figure out what to do with it.  But I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Have you scored something mysterious that ended up being amazing?  I want to know!


13 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS THING? Mystery at the Thrift Shop

  1. We have one that we use to store all our jewelry (4 girls in the house) and we love it! We had the same puzzlement when we found it too, but yep, it’s a dentist cabinet 🙂

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