Is the project started or half done? My fixer upper philosophy

I used to be an all or nothing girl.  That’s right, I SAID IT.  ALL or NUFFIN. But getting older, having a kid, moving a lot…you start to see that it really can’t be all or nothing all the time or you’re gonna be stuck with whole bunch o’ nothing.

Any given day, I look around my house and think “Wow, there’s like a million things to be done.”  And there probably are.  (Oh yes, there are!) But, most of them cost cash right?  I mean, you sit down and add up a simple upgrade and you realize why the house wasn’t built with the upgrade in the first place.  Bottom line, cash.

I used to say “Forget it.  Until we can do the whole thing, we’re not touching it.”  But I’m coming to learn that sometimes compromise is ok.   This past spring we put in our new kitchen countertops and backsplash even though we couldn’t afford the stainless appliances we’re wishing for.  I mean, I NEVER thought I would do something like that!  But are the counters beautiful?  Yes.  And they aren’t cracking like the old ones – thank goodness.  So for now the kitchen is HALF DONE.

I say this because “started” sounds so negative to me.  It’s like a cup half empty and no one wants that.  Half done means you are on the way to the finish line.  There’s HOPE that the project will be complete at some point.

So this weekend I got another project “half done” and it has to be the easiest one I’ve done in a LONG time.  I have a thing for nickel when it comes to door handles, plumbing fixtures and the like.  I love all metals – I decorate with gold and oiled bronze too but I’m just a classic nickel girl for the basics.

Thus, I’ve been dying to change out my (“builder grade”) brass knobs on all the doors in my house.  Let’s stop and do that (higher) math for a minute…hmmmmm

how many doors times how much per knob plus how many hinges……

You get the idea.

brass knobs after

So I compromised.  This weekend the first floor got done.  The floor where people actually see my house the most now has nickel everything!  It took only 2 ½ hours to change the knobs and hinges.  Not bad and now I couldn’t be happier. (yes, the paint needs touch up, I know!)

nickel door knob copy

Do you have projects that you consider half done?  What types of compromises have you made?  Am I alone in this philosophy? Please tell all!



7 thoughts on “Is the project started or half done? My fixer upper philosophy

  1. Decorating is a slow process. To get your home to the look that you want, you must take your time and to get the look and feel that you love. That being said, until you achieve I achieve that look I’d consider the whole house/project half done!

  2. It’s better to be half way done than nothing at all. I did this with my family room. I felt the same as you if you can’t do the whole thing forget it. As I’m getting older I’m running out of time. Lol. So I decided to do it piece meal and glad I did. I finally got my stone in my family room. It looks awesome. The only thing needed now is new carpet but I can deal with not getting that for awhile. It still looks ok, just would like a change. Every change you do gives a different look so it a journey and something to look forward to. You go girl, you have great ideas!

    • I totally agree with you. I’ve struggled to change my perspective over the past couple years because the truth is – we just don’t have forever. Might as well enjoy what you DO and CAN have! 🙂

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