A PLACE TO CALL HOME: The nightstand makeover

There’s a big difference between having a house and having a home.  So much of the DIY I do is about making a home for my family.  However, there’s an even bigger difference between having a home and having nothing at all.

It is because of this that I contribute in many ways to Deserving Decor.  This is an organization whose sole purpose is cleaning and decorating transitional housing for those who need a place to call home.  During tough times, families move into homeless shelter apartments as they face their challenges and try to stabilize their lives.  Deserving Décor makes sure the apartments are warm and welcoming each time a new family arrives.

I couldn’t be more proud of this group of stellar all-volunteer women.  Every now and then you’ll see a project I have done, either for the shelters or to sell to raise funds.  This past week I’ve been working on this nightstand, which will return to the shelter for use by a family.  It started out like this:

nightstand before

nightstand before

And it will return like this:

painted nightstand after

painted nightstand after

Not bad for a couple days work!  I spray painted the knobs too.

Now, I’m not a professional – as I’m always telling you guys!  (Honesty!)  EVERYTHING I do is a learning experience.  What I know about painting furniture is stuff that I gather from reading (read, google, read) and talking to friends who paint.

painted nightstand after

I can tell you this – always take your time!  Unfortunately, this piece does have some flaws that I discovered late in the game.  A few drips I would have liked to avoid.  A few streaks from the roller I should have caught.  (Water damage from my garage door leaking that I had to repair…UGH!)   But in general – it’s a great little piece of furniture.

painted nightstand after

If you would like to help or would just like more information about Deserving Décor, you can find it here:  www.deservingdecor.org.


11 thoughts on “A PLACE TO CALL HOME: The nightstand makeover

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  2. The basket is a great way to have handy and yet hide all that stuff we all tend to keep next to the bed: kleenex, meds, books, magazines, socks for cold feet… etc.

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