RAIDING MY RECYCLE BIN: Patriotic Table Décor

I’ve been honest about the fact I’m not ready for the 4th.  But I needed to at least put together some decorations for our picnic table this year.  I went out and dug around in my recycle bin and found some glass spaghetti sauce jars and a wine bottle (or two…lol).

I used ribbon to decorate the jars two different ways. One I wrapped ribbon around and glued it in place.

patriotic jar 2 final

For the other one, I used ribbon scraps to give it a “collar” – cute and cheap right?!

patriotic jar final

Then, I put sand inside – to hold my flags (A 3 for $1 buy!).

patriotic jar 1 final

Hubby had given me one of these cool candle holder thingies to put in a wine bottle.

candleholder final

I found these bicentennial toothpick flags in my crafting stuff and the Littlest One helped me cut the toothpick ends off.  I made the little banner using hot glue and twine.

centerpiece patriotric final

Not bad for a last minute centerpiece!

patriotic centerpiece final

Red, white and blue – and super easy too!  🙂  I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

Check out my other table décor ideas by clicking the thumbnails below:

spring table 4 final     little golden books edited final     cookie cutter chair 1 edited


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