IT’S ALMOST JULY: Say what?!

I don’t know about you but June is just one of THOSE months for me.  I look forward to it for so many reasons but then I turn around and it’s GONE.   I’d love to tell you I have 4th of July ideas lined up – but I don’t.  I haven’t blogged during summer before and I’m quickly learning it isn’t easy!

So what is taking my time?

Well, the Littlest One just finished up another year of school and all of the activities that come along with that.  Check out her cute teacher gift that we made:

chalkboard clipboard teacher gift

Bear with my photos, they are from my phone. (that’s just how busy it is!)  But I wanted to share because it was so quick and easy – I took apart the clipboard and spray painted it with chalkboard paint (follow the instructions when you use chalkboard paint to make sure it works properly).  Once I completed the chalkboard part, I added a painted flower and a bow.  We gave it to the teacher with a box of chalk.

Chalkboard clipboard teacher gift

I also went back to camp.  Yes it’s true, I returned to an overnight camp from my youth as a staffer and the Littlest One went along as a camper.  I helped out by running the arts and crafts.  Totally fun, totally NOT relaxing but TOTALLY disconnected.  What a great week!  Here’s a picture of our nightly campfire:

campfire final

This summer’s number one ME AND MYSELF project is to get back on the task of finding some kind of employment.  That really has to be “What’s next?” for me.  I’m planning to refocus my efforts once the running around settles down.

I know what YOU want to hear about is the DIY part.  I’m happy to say I’ll be working on pieces for my favorite charity again.  I have a nightstand in the works right now and will be sharing it once it is complete!

Enjoy the rest of June (before it’s gone!).



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