Sometimes you need that lil’ something.  I’ve been feeling that way about my front door.  It needed SOMETHING for summer.

My latest adventure started with a plain wood frame and some keys from the dollar bins at a craft store that I already had. (Basically, I looked around the house for a bunch of “free” stuff.)  TIP:  All shapes and styles of wood frames are available at craft stores.

frames and keys final

I spray painted them the trim color of my house.  (following the all the safety rules of spray painting of course) Then I taped off a chevron-like pattern.  I know everyone has moved on to herringbone but I just happen to like this pattern.   I use 2 inch strips of painter’s tape and measured 1 inch in between each row.

tape 1 final

Then I spray painted blue on top.  I like the blue – it’s a color that’s on my pillows and my lantern that I have on my front porch currently.

I pulled the tape and attached a picture hanger upside down to the back of the frame to hang the keys from.  (I also attached a couple of felt circles like you use for the feet of chairs to avoid the frame banging on my door in the wind.)

picture hook

I power stapled on a piece of ribbon to hang the frame and….

door decor with frame and keys

Not too hard.  Not too fancy.

door decor with frame and keys

Just a lil’ something…

door decor with frame and keys

Do you have any lil’ somethings that you decorate with in the summer?

Click on these thumbnails for some of my other front door projects!

yarn felt wreath spring  Hoop Final edited  H Fall Wreath  Door frame edited



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