SUMMERTIME: Easy n’ Breezy

You can probably already tell that this here lil’ blog has slowed down a bit.  With summer coming, it’s bound to happen.  Since I do this blog for fun and mostly as a learning experience – sometimes I’m going to have to make adjustments to the schedule.


I did get my dining room table decorated all beachy-like yesterday.  Thanks to my sis for painting the sticks last year to make “coral” for my birthday party.  I’ve been using them ever since!

summer table

An indoor/outdoor tablecloth is so convenient for this time of year.  I’ve seen beautiful and inexpensive ones everywhere.

I also love to build on my décor year after year – for example, a new (or old!) plate layered with other items just adds interest.


Easy is best when it comes to summer.  That’s why they invented paper plates and napkins, right??  (Ok, maybe that’s not why – but it sounded good!)

The DIY will continue…keep looking for my weekly post!  I’m not sure with the Littlest One out of school and the summer plans what exactly will be possible.  That’s ok – I know you are all busy too…I haven’t blogged through a summer yet so we’ll figure it out together.  (I may surprise us!)

Oh – by the way – I added a contact form to my About page.  (Finally.)  If you need to reach me, fill that out and I promise to respond.

Here’s to a relaxing, breezy summer for one and all!

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bar cart final 3    lamp after 3 final   wreath 1 final edited   landscaping bricks spray paint makeover



11 thoughts on “SUMMERTIME: Easy n’ Breezy

    • I know right?! I’ve done it for Christmas time – gold and silver. I was impressed when my sister did the red coral because I just wouldn’t have thought it could look so great!

    • Oooogh I can definitely see gold and silver. When you think of it, a lot of Xmas decorations and pot pourri stuff is painted or golded up holly leaves or some such. Maybe a little industry for you?

  1. Yay for summertime! I love the idea of adding a beachy feel to your home. We keep a little bowl of seashells and sand dollars on our coffee table, and small jars of sea glass on our bathroom shelves.

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