Dang I was excited about finding this thing for 8 bucks!  But if I had known it was destined for failure, I would have left it right where it was.  I’ve watched bar cart projects fly all over the blog-o-sphere and I DESPERATELY wanted one for myself.

bar cart before edited final

Maybe it was all the coveting.  Or maybe it was the fact I kept changing my mind about the color and couldn’t nail down what to do with the trays.  More than likely, it was just plain fate.  Regardless, it became THAT PROJECT.  The one that puts you through what I call “My Six Stages of Failure.”

Stage 1:  “Ooooh, I love this project!!  It’s going to be so awesome!  But, um, not sure….OH NO – THAT DIDN’T WORK!”  This is when the bad stuff starts.

Stage 2:  “Maybe I can fix it!” = More money spent.  This is where my $8 bar cart becomes something that costs as much as the one from Pottery Barn that I should have bought to begin with.  In this particular case – I tried multiple things for covering the trays.  All I wanted was a shiny surface.  Nothing worked and EVERYTHING went a few steps closer to ruining the cart forever.

Stage 3:  “OH CR*P, it’s really ruined!!”  This involves sobbing and berating oneself for all the money spent and then thinking, “…I don’t have money to waste and WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ME????!!!!  I’m a TERRIBLE FAKE of a DIYer!”

Stage 4: “I’m done with it.”  This is the period of time where I walk away and ignore the dang thing for over a month or longer.  (Although, I’m secretly dying inside each time I see another DIYer finish a great one.)

Stage 5: “Maybe I can fix it?”  Recovery might be on the horizon when I get to this point.  I start to ruminate on the idea that I can tackle it again.  I’m not as embarrassed as I once was.  Creative juices start flowing…

Stage 6: “You are my mortal enemy!”  (Thanks to “Big Bang” for that one.)  Energy surges back into me and I go for it.  Usually out of the blue.  Either I conquer it or it goes in the trash to die.  Win or Lose, “THIS PROJECT IS GOING DOWN NOW!”

In this particular case, I was at the lowest of lows when I reached Stage 6.  (Which is totally like me.)  I had just recovered from a stomach bug this week and life seemed out of hand.

…And that’s when I decided to tackle the cart again.  (Weird, but again, totally like me.)

The dang thing fought me until the very last minute.  So many touch ups, so much swearing.  (Seriously.)

In the end, it isn’t a total success.  It’s not what I really envisioned – but it is cute and will serve the purpose.

bar cart final 2

I mean, it’ll be great for serving drinks on the patio.

bar cart plain final

To use a quote from the Littlest One when she makes mistakes: “It’s not my best work.”

bar cart final 3

But I’ll settle for that over complete failure any day.  Wouldn’t you?


18 thoughts on “MY SIX STAGES OF FAILURE: The Bar Cart

  1. Swearing is what I do too. Sometimes I don’t even realize the L0NG string of swear words I put together in one swear. It doesn’t make me feel better, but sometimes I do laugh at myself for how it sounds. glad I’m not the only one!

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  6. Good for you. It would have been so easy to toss it on the first big trash truck…”Out of sight, out of mind.” The fact that you gave it space and time and ended up with something cute that you will use is a testimony to perseverance. Yay You!

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