THE LITTLEST ONE: Making Journals

After a little bit of a busy week and not feeling so hot this past weekend the blog has taken a hit.  I haven’t been able to work on anything really.   But The Littlest One has been bugging me to get this post up so here we go…(“Finally Mom!!”)

A few weeks ago, she and I had the task of coming up with a Mother’s Day craft that a group of kids could execute in a short period of time.  It turned out that we made something that would be great for Father’s Day too!  Let’s face it – everyone can use a notebook or journal and we knew it would be a fun and easy gift for the kiddos to make.

Here’s the supplies we started with:

supplies final 2

Composition books are $1 a piece at dollar stores.  The pack of paper was on sale, but if you are only making one – the large scrapbook single sheets are perfect.  We had a large class so we went with the pack.

First we traced the paper to fit the front of the journal.  We traced the WHOLE front and WHOLE back.

tracing journal cover

We put Elmer’s on the front and spread it around with a paint brush.  But you could use whatever adhesive you wanted that works with paper.

spreading glue final

Then we attached the paper front and back – Instead of covering the entire thing, we lined it up with the black binding, which left some to fold around the edge to the inside.  We also trimmed any excess off the top and bottom edges.

covering journal final

Note:  Depending on the paper, it may take some holding down or maybe putting a book on top to let it dry properly without bending.  If it does bend when it dries, you can easily bend it back in place or leave a book on it overnight.

We were in a rush so we let that dry for a bit and worked on our bookmark in the meanwhile.

We took a piece of ribbon and cut it 2-3 inches longer than the composition book’s height.  Then we knotted the end of the ribbon and strung 3 beads on it.  Since it was Mother’s Day, we used flowers.  Any beads that fit on the ribbon will work though!

making journal with kids beads

After that, we stapled the ribbon to the back inside cover.  Here it is with the bookmark inside:

kids journal with bookmark

Here’s the journal cover:

covered with bookmark final

Lastly, The Littlest One decorated the cover using Sharpies.  We choose to do a simple pattern such as a heart or sunshine and a name or initials in the center.  Here’s the two she made.  One for her MarMar (grandmother):

journal final 1


And one for me:

journal final 2

Other things you could do: Write a message or poem on the inside. Use letter stickers to make a monogram – the possibilities are endless!

We only had 35 minutes, so we stuck with what we could manage.  But in the end, all the kids had a great time and I think it was a useful and appreciated gift!









7 thoughts on “THE LITTLEST ONE: Making Journals

  1. They are so cool 🙂 my son arrived home with the most beautiful handmade gift for me on Mother’s Day. They always send him home with little creations and they perk me up without fail 🙂 kid crafts FTW 🙂

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