Once upon a time, (don’t all good stories start with that?) I joined a cardio kickboxing class.  I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into.  I had kickboxed before but never like this.  I got to use a bag and gloves and a staff!  Sometimes I even got to break boards.  (Yes, I broke boards!)  I absolutely fell in love with the workout.

After about 4 years of taking class with a bunch of great folks, something happened.  We lost our instructor and our inspiration – the reason we all thought we were there.   We didn’t know what to do next.  Our workout world was rocked.

There are people in life who are your friends and you don’t even know it.  You have no idea until one day you wake up and realize – “Hey, those people – they are my friends!  Real friends!”

Brave friends who will try new things.  When all else failed, one of our kickboxing friends stepped in.  She saved the day and started teaching class.  She never thought she would do something like that.  But she did…and she’s GOOD at it!

Without her, the rest of us would have been in trouble.  We were united by our loss and the need to keep working out.  Not just any workout routine – our kind of workout that we knew and loved.  Thanks to her, a core group of us have been meeting for over a year and a half several mornings a week.

My kickboxing friends were some of the first people who supported me when I lost my job.  They’ve read this blog since the beginning.  When they don’t, I give them a hard time.  They always ask what I’m up to and tell me how much they like my crazy ideas.  They laugh when I come to class with stuff from the thrift shop (conveniently located next door to the place we work out) and ALWAYS show interest in my ideas.

I’m blessed by these friends.   This post is for them.

Recently, our workout facility closed.  You would think we would be sad.  But we’re not.  It is for the best.  It is time to move on.  It is time to take our workout to a positive place – with no sad memories, no drama.  We own it now – it’s ours.

Another brave friend has opened a Taekwondo school (last week!) and she’s made a new home for us.  And for that we are extremely grateful.

We did some DIY for her new dojang, I thought I’d share.  It was quick – so bear with me.  We had very little time and resources to get her moved in and set up.

One of our girls donated this desk.

desk before final

She and I painted it in one day.

We needed to skirt the back so it could face the front door.(it was made for up against the wall and there wasn’t time for a big change). The school’s logo colors are yellow and black, so when I found this fabric SHOWER CURTAIN on CLEARANCE at Target for $6 – I knew it was MEANT TO BE.

shower curtain final

Here’s the skirting:

desk skirt final


I found this little chair at thrift for $12.

chair before final

The legs were chewed up.  It had definitely seen better days.  We sanded it.  I ending up priming and painting it to match the desk.

chair painted final

Then I changed out the seat cover.  Not bad for a couple days and a couple bucks!

desk and chair 2 final

desk and chair final

PS:  By the way, I believe strongly that when you hate your workout it’s because you haven’t found the right one.  Not only do you need to find something you actually LIKE doing – You need to find people who inspire you – people you want to be around.  When you do – I promise you will love working out as much as we do!



19 thoughts on “THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS: Our Dojang DIY

  1. Loved the story! The last bit about finding the workout that works for you was a nice touch. I absolutely loved the idea you had with the desk! I’ve been planning a summer project to redecorate my entire room and I’m looking forward to more great ideas!

  2. Such a lovely writing. I like the story and I thought the desk was a great make-over… and you know what a desk person I am and always have been.

  3. Loved reading your blog. The desk is so pretty. Perfect size for the entry too. I love the before and after pictures. I would have looked at that chair and thought “Ug” You really have an eye for that stuff. I agree that a move was necessary and the new school and Lorry are just what we needed. I really enjoy her kickboxing classes.

  4. LOVE IT!!!! Looks great! I absolutely agree if you do not like to workout then you are doing the wrong workout for you. It took me years to find a workout I truly enjoy and love to do. Even if I feel like I am going to die after 🙂

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