READY FOR SUMMER: Outdoor Side Tables

The other day I put out a request on my Facebook page to see what projects people might need help with.  My friend Kim, who always supports my blog and is a blogger herself, immediately asked about a table for outdoors between two lounge chairs.  I thought “Hmmm, this might be a good topic for a lot of people…”   I mean, goodness knows we’ve waited long enough for summer – let’s get ready!

I didn’t have a project in the works myself, but I did some research and came up with these great options for outdoor seating areas.

This one is from Matsutake.  I think it is a gorgeous idea and involves very little work whatsoever!

matsutake table

This great crate end table from Simplicity in the South looked like something my friend could put together and make her own. Crates are available in thrift shops and Michael’s.  I would imagine you could do any color or size!  (I might try this one myself too.)

simplicity in the south

The mrs. & the misc repurposed some tables from her house.  You could even find tables like this at a thrift shop or yard sale and make them over!


Better Homes and Gardens suggests this quick update to a all weather table.   I thought this might be super useful!  😉

better homes and gardens

All these tables plus more ideas are on my Outdoor Inspiration Pinterest page here:

Creating this post also reminded me that I have a couple tables of my own that I need to tend to this summer.  I used this piano stool on my front porch all winter – I love the beat up look, but I really need to spruce it up a bit.

piano stool final

I have this little folding table that I keep out all summer – something like this is great!  I need to give this another hit of spray paint.  You can paint it multiple times and it is dirt cheap.  I saw one the other day at Christmas Tree Shops for $14.99 – so if you have a CTS near you, check it out!

little table final

As for my friend Kim?  Well, I hope this post gives her some ideas.  AND, because she really is one of the reasons I started blogging and one of my biggest supporters – I must give her some blog love!  Check out  It is my GO TO for healthy and easy recipes for my family.  My favorite?  Mexican Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes  Even the kiddo loves these!









5 thoughts on “READY FOR SUMMER: Outdoor Side Tables

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  2. This is great. So when you spray paint pieces, do you sand first? I have 2 cribs I would like to try this out with!

    • Depends on the condition of the piece. Some things really do require sanding. I haven’t spray painted a lot of wood furniture but when I paint wood things with regular paint I do at least sand them a bit and use primer. It’s an adventure every time with me!

  3. Awww! Thanks Dana! I love, love these ideas. I’ll take one of each 🙂 You just reminded me I need to update those Mexican Twice Baked Sweet photos.

    • Oh I like those photos! That’s something I need to do – take a photography class or something. I think I have so much to learn in that department. Glad you liked my suggestions – I tried to think of your style!!

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