This past week I decided to give it a go and make our cat Scooter his own bed.  But let’s be real – if you have a cat, you know how risky this idea is.  CATS tell YOU where they want to sleep.  YOU DON’T TELL THEM.

Since I had no idea whether this DIY cat bed was EVER going to be used, I decided to keep it cheap. (as per usual) This was a great opportunity for me to try out the “repurpose a drawer” trend that seems to have taken over the DIY blog-o-sphere.   I had this drawer available in my basement:

drawer legs before final

First we had Scooter give it test drive to see if he’d even like it.

cat bed before 2 final

What do you think?  We were all pretty pumped up about his reaction.  (My brain says: “But Dana, he’s a CAT.”  I know, I know.)

Cat bed before 1 final

After seeing his enthusiasm, I got to work!  I sanded it a bit, primed it and painted it.  I used a similar orangey color to my vintage typewriter side table since I was planning on putting this under the windows in our master bedroom.  (For this project I used Valspar “Hacienda Tile”)  I left some of the wood to keep it interesting. I added legs that I bought at Lowes.  You have to add support because the drawer is too thin to just attach the legs.  This was sort of a nightmare because the wood blocks I used to secure the legs were really old wood.

wood blocks final

I ended up using deck screws to get the brackets on.  Note:  The DIY Network has some similar instructions about how to make a pet bed out of a drawer.  I used some of their ideas, but really wanted the brackets for support instead of just screwing the legs in.

bracket final

I also made a thin pad out of batting and the material I had used prior in the master bedroom.  I didn’t make a big POOFY one because Scooter tends to like flatter things to lie on.  I can’t even begin to give you instructions on the sewing because I totally faked it and you wouldn’t want to do what I did – Remember, we’re keepin’ it real here.

Here’s how my cat bed turned out!  It’s sort of mid-century mod huh?  The human part of the family absolutely loved it.  It’s totally unique!

DIY cat bed out of old drawer


DIY Cat bed out of old drawer

Time to take the adorable pictures of the cat lying in his incredibly awesome new DIY cat bed.  Isn’t that what is supposed to happen next?? Not really.  (“Told you so Dana.  He’s a CAT.”)

Scooter with bed 2 final

The whole weekend we tried to entice Scooter to lie down on the bed. We moved the bed around the house.  We put him on it.  Nothing.

Scooter with bed 1 final

Until Sunday night.  When we put the OLD RATTY BEACH TOWEL (Yup, that’s Dora the Explorer!) back in the bed.  And a cat nip toy.

DIY Cat bed out of drawer

I have to give credit to my hubby who is also known in these parts as the “KITTY GOD”.

cats with diy pet bed

He was the one who finally managed to get Scooter into the bed.

diy pet bed out of drawer

And I promise if I EVER get the dang cat to lie on the cute zebra pad that I made – I’ll share those pictures too.

Have you ever tried to do something like this for your pets?  Comment here – I’d love to hear your stories too!


15 thoughts on “KEEPIN’ IT REAL: The DIY Cat Bed

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  3. i hear you. our cat considers any new/changed/moved surface to be totally about her. kinda the opposite problem. casually leave your cardigan on any surface…it’s been put down for her and so she will lie on it. place a napkin on the table for guests…it’s gotta be there for her so she will lounge on it…

    she once got into a guest’s suitcase and shed hair on everything- obviously the suitcase had been opened for her use and interest. my friend went to the pool to swim and her swimsuit was covered in cat fur. i tried to reason that maybe that would be a flotation advantage, but she wasn’t buying it.

    cats are just weird and the sooner humans get with program, the better.

    • I agree! HA! Mine loves suitcases too – that was the other option I considered. He loves to leave fur all over my hubby’s suitcase right before a big business trip.

      I will say, I’ve now found the cat curled up in it for three nights in a row so I figure success, even if it is just temporary. 🙂

  4. Maybe you could try moving the towel off the bed little by little. But then he would probably just end up lying on the floor on top of the towel!

  5. Ah that Scooter. Now, what is really amazing is that you actually got a photo with the phantom cat, Trixie, in it. AMAZING!!!

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