I’ll be short and sweet today! My mom just had a big birthday and I had so much fun putting together the table décor for her party. It’s amazing what you can do with things you already have and a few plants!

making the rock garden final

I used some inexpensive ceramic baking dishes and a pot I already had to make rock gardens with hens and chicks.  (Dollar Store has rocks!) They are my favorite little plants and easy schmeezy for a black thumb gardener like me.  I had each family take home one of the little rock gardens as “party favors.”  (Maybe a great idea for Mother’s Day?)

spring table 4 final

If you have nothing else in your home for decorating for parties – glass bowls are cheap and worth it.  You can use them for all types of things.  I floated candles in the big ones and used the smaller ones to hold my herbs.

spring table 2 final

I used chalkboard gift tags as napkin rings and mixed/matched napkins.

chalk tags final

My only regret: I can’t keep it this way because of those darn cats. They’ll think it’s their new food and watering station!

spring table 3 final

table 1 final

spring table 5 final


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