BLOGGING + LENT: A surprisingly productive combination

CLARIFICATION: This post isn’t about my religious beliefs. Let’s just clear things up now. I’m Christian. Episcopalian to be exact. And have been since I was a little girl. It’s just part of me.

What does that have to do with my blog? Well, nothing. I mean, besides the fact I try to be extremely nice and thoughtful on here. (TRY) I try to be fair and honest. Other than that, it doesn’t have much to do with the CONTENT of my blog.

On the other hand, the fact I acknowledge the period of Lent has had some impact lately. Lent came along at the right time in this blogger’s life.

If you blog, you know it can be addicting. At any given time you can find yourself writing, pinning on Pinterest, commenting, sharing on FB – the WORKS. (Oh and not to mention doing the projects.)

After about 6 months of it…The family was feeling neglected. I was feeling unproductive and angry when interrupted. (“Mom…mom….MOM! I AM TALKING TO YOU MOM!”) My desk is right in the middle of the “open kitchen to living room” area and therefore, I had no peace. Blogging was spread out over the course of the day and that made hubby and the Littlest One feel like “I was always on the computer.” (Which wasn’t true, but you get the idea.)  I lost track of time easily and had no schedule.

It was time to do something.

As I thought about the dilemma, I remembered how productive I was in the morning when I worked full time. I would get to work an hour before everyone so that I could use the QUIET to get through all the stinkin’ email that would mysteriously arrive over night. (Seriously, doesn’t anyone get to sleep anymore?!)

That’s how my Lenten promise came to be.  I made the commitment to RISE AND SHINE and get my blogging activities done 1st thing in the morning.

Weird? Easy?  Not really – I could stay in bed until 7AM every morning if I wanted to these days (thanks to the Littlest One’s late school start time). But, I thought MAYBE THIS IS THE SOLUTION TO MY ISSUES. Maybe by tackling my schedule and finding my “peaceful time” I could resolve something that was becoming tremendously negative.

Now that Lent is over, I’m happy to say I DID IT! I got up every weekday during Lent and met my goal: B.I.S. by 6:30 AM.

Translation: Bootie in seat by 6:30 AM. Every morning during the week, I would be in front of my computer with my blog related to-do list when the (dirty stovetop) clock looked like this:


Not only that, but the Littlest One’s lunch would be made, cats taken care of and I would be all dressed for my work out before my bootie even ended up in my desk chair.

IT WAS AMAZING. I had time for my family when they got up for breakfast. I had no frustration because I had already spent an hour, QUIETLY, doing what needed to get done without any regrets or arguments.

It was so amazing, that I’m going to KEEP DOING IT.  And isn’t that the great thing about a Lenten commitment that ends up having impact?? I did sacrifice. It was hard at first to get up and get everything going (including my brain).  But it made a big difference with me and my family. It changed my attitude, made me more productive and positive.  They seem to be happier too!

And there’s A LOT to be said for that.  🙂



7 thoughts on “BLOGGING + LENT: A surprisingly productive combination

  1. Sometimes it takes an outside influence to help keep one’s feet on a path. Neat that you ended up enjoying your journey.

  2. Blogging (and everything that goes with it) does get addicting!!! I think it’s great that you made a set time limit because it can become all consuming, by accident of course. 🙂 I also enjoy doing things like this early in the morning, preferably before my toddler wakes up but I literally have to force closing the laptop to get out and get to the gym. haha

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