FIVE EASY IDEAS: In Our Purple Powder Room

I realized I owed you all (You, the readers of this crazy little blog!) the rest of the powder room after the TREES. (See that post here.)

By the way, I still love the trees.

paint tape trees bathroom

I know they are a bit much for some, but hey – it’s our bathroom right?  Moving on.  Here’s a few ideas and changes I came up with while updating the powder.

#1:  The mirror had to go. It was the original that the builder put in. I thought about making a frame for it but truthfully, I just wanted to buy a beautiful new one. (Is that so wrong? I can’t DIY it all right?!) My mom helped me find this beauty for about $30 bucks at HomeGoods.  Doesn’t get better than that!  I would have spent that much fixing up the old one.

mirror edited final

And the old one will probably get repurposed a bigglion times, so that’s ok too! (See it in my Easter mantel post here.)

#2: New and cheap art:  I had a very cool discovery at Michael’s this past week – these little doohickeys (otherwise known as decorative hangers on clearance for $1.79).

decorative hanger

I really had struggled with what additional piece of art I should put on the wall. When I saw the doohickey, I realized what I wanted to do. Tada! Here’s my $3 art:

dollar art tree material

The material is a fabric square – they were on sale at Jo Anne’s for $1 a piece! Can’t beat that. (Quilting section) The frame is from a dollar store and the tree? Well, that’s a wood cut out from a craft store. I think it worked out great! I already had ribbon so I was good to go! Not bad for $3 huh? Lesson learned: Don’t ever give up, you’ll figure it out eventually!

#3: Baskets are good.  I really like having a basket in the powder. If you don’t have a cabinet to store stuff, it’s an absolute must. I know people might be averse to looking at extra toilet paper. Personally, I’m averse to a guest (or family member) not being able to find another roll of toilet paper. Plus, I can keep extra towels folded up in there etc. Nuff said.

bathroom basket

#4:  Decorative touches:  Many DIYers and crafters spend their time wrapping books to make them look old. Nothing wrong with that! But I say, if you already have old books – why wrap? I am crazy about the stacked look. Oh and, I always try to have a candle in the powder room. What guest wants to walk into a dark bathroom when they don’t know where the light switch is? I prefer faux candles for this. No flame, no worries – especially since I have kids coming in and out.

bathroom candle books

#5:  A new way to hang towels.  I really think bathroom towel rings and rods are expensive. The nicer ones can set you back a buck or two. My sister gave me these beautiful hooks years ago and I decided to use them for my towels in the powder. BUT, I wanted my towels to hang the “regular” way. You know – nicely folded. For a while I used ribbon…until I got these fancy new towels! (Love ‘em by the way!) Looky what I ended up using to make it look a little higher end –

bangle bracelet towel hook

Yes those are BANGLE BRACELETS. To be specific, KIDS’ bangle bracelets on clearance! I love the metal look and the fact I can still hang the towels the way I want! Just fold and put through. Hang them on the hook and arrange the way you want.

bathroom hooks bangle bracelet

All in all, I think the purple powder room looks a little spiffier and is a little more welcoming.

What do you do in your powder room to keep it nice and friendly for your guests? I love new ideas! Comments welcome!


24 thoughts on “FIVE EASY IDEAS: In Our Purple Powder Room

  1. I saw your idea on “How to Upgrade your Light Switch Covers” using dollar store frames. The process seems pretty easy; however, I was wondering how you attached the finished frame to the light switch itself. Did you somehow glue the frame to the switch plate before installing? Or did you glue the frame directly to the wall around the light switch after it was installed? I really want to try this at home and just need to know the best way to finish. Thanks.

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  6. Such good ideas, and for a powder room!!! I am so bad at decorating and people like you make it look so easy. We are moving in a month or so and will be needing to go room by room and you have a lot of inspiring ideas!!! I’m so excited! 🙂

    • Hey there! I was just reading YOUR blog because I noticed you followed – I love it! I try – it’s totally a crazy adventure of successes and failures. Thanks for the compliment. How the heck are you moving in a month on top of everything else?!

    • I am stifling a panic attack out of excitement for having found a house that we love. But with twins on the way and the due date and moving date colliding I cant lie, getting a tad panicky. 🙂 So I distract myself with home decorating ideas (and everything but the move) which is why I am so happy to have been introduced to your blog via @shhhihaveababy. I so look forward to following along!

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