A TOUCH OF SPRING: Vintage Birdcages

I have an addiction to old birdcages. I don’t know why – I don’t like birds. I don’t have a desire to keep them in a cage.   I like the way they look I guess!  Especially vintage ones.  For example, you can see my fall thrift shop birdcage here.

This one I picked up for a couple bucks a few months ago:

vintage birdcage brass

I have been conflicted about what to do with it. I decided to keep it as a piece of décor I could use any time of the year. I painted it a gray-blue and intended to put it on a ceramic candle holder as a stand. (not unlike what you might see at Michaels or whatever)

However, when I went to spray paint the candle holder – it didn’t work. I mean, the paint just DRIPPED off. (It looked like it had cried paint.) I sanded it and tried to prime it – again, the primer dripped off. This time, I couldn’t sand it. Hmmmm, must have been the glossy coat already on the ceramic. I gave up and tossed it. (The beauty of a $2 thrift item. You mess it up and it isn’t the end of the world right?)

I ended up putting the cage on a china plate and took a stab at making some felt flowers to go with it. Felt has become my new friend! It is so CHEAP and easy to work with! Who’d of known?! (Well, maybe everyone but me apparently.) I used some instructions off Pinterest (seen here) and altered them for my use.

felt flower button

I really like how the whole thing turned out.

vintage birdcage spring

Just a little something to make the house feel more like spring!

vintage birdcage felt flower

I’ve been collecting birdcage ideas on Pinterest as well.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in case you pick up one of these at a thrift shop or even buy one at Michael’s.  (My guess is you’ll be able to get one on sale soon!)

Cute plate idea pinned by Better Homes and Gardens:

bhg birdcage


Hanging from trees outside pinned here: (I tried hard to find the source and couldn’t sorry!)


And lastly, I found a post from a couple years ago by The Decorologist that has a fantastic collection!  My favorite?  This one:


What’s your favorite décor item for the spring?  Leave a comment here or on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “A TOUCH OF SPRING: Vintage Birdcages

  1. Very cool. I too think birdcages are neat, but hate the idea of a little creature who can fly, being trapped in a cage, unable to spread its wings. Good job.

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