THOSE DARN EGGS: My Easter Mantel

I want to start this post by saying: Wrapping string around egg shaped objects isn’t fun. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’ll still show you how I did it and if you choose to take the challenge – I wish you the best.   I had seen lots of beautiful wrapped eggs on other people’s blogs and thought “I can do that!” HA! I take it back. I give everyone who has done this major respect and props. Because it is not that easy.

But you know me, once I started – I had to complete it. I’ve been up against a wall this past week. Projects were NOT turning out as planned. I was exhausted of the whole DIY thing and I just couldn’t give up on another plan. I JUST COULDN’T.

Here’s what happened: The adorable bunnies the kiddo and I did really inspired me to have a brown, black and white mantel this spring. Not because those are super spring colors or anything – because it all looked cool together with my regular black candlesticks. I’m all about “shopping my house” and “keeping it easy” as you know. As a reminder, the bunnies were a project we did here and were inspired by One Project Closer’s The Better Half and Four Marrs and One Venus.  (Make sure you click those links to see the projects they did!)

I finished the mantel two ways. You can decide what you like! The kiddo liked this one:

bunny mantel easter

And the adults liked this one:

easter mantel bunny spring

I think I’ll probably change them around over the next couple weeks to make everyone happy.

easter mantel bunny spring

I repurposed the oval mirror from my powder room that I am in the process of making over.  I think it looks pretty layered with the frame.  (Yup, there’s that thrift shop frame again.  Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!)

As for the eggs: here’s the scoop.  I suggest using plastic eggs.  I used Styrofoam and you can’t hot glue it.  So I had to use Elmer’s.

wrapping egg edited final


instructions edited final

toothpicks and bow edited final

By the way, I’ve seen this done with rope like mine, embroidery thread and also ribbon.  I’ve seen gorgeous ones that are NOT MINE. Please share any cool tips you might figure out if you try this.  I always welcome ideas for ways to make things easier!


easter mantel bunny spring

Happy Spring Decorating!


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